September 23, 2008

Get Your Spirit Lick!

Do You Know What Your Spirit Animal Is?

I think mine is a dog named Runt. I’m not sure. Maybe you can help me with this.

What About Your Spirit Lick™?  Let me tell you: everyone has a Spirit Lick™, too!

Did you ever have a feeling that you were missing a special, spiritual connection to a musical phrase, and you just didn’t know what it was?

That’s right, you too have a Spirit Blues Riff that is your very own, special Life Guide. You may not know what it is, but we can connect you with the unique musical phrase that is uniquely yours. For $19.95, we will supply you with your very own Spirit Lick™, guaranteed to be at least twelve notes long, complete with Key and Time Signature and Notation. We have provided the spiritual connection between several Celebrities and their personal Spirit Licks™, including Kobe Bryant and Anita Bryant, and they’re dating! See what you’ve been missing! Don’t go another single day without the comfort of knowing that your Spirit™ Lick is guiding you!

If you have a Spirit Lick™ and would like to sell it, please contact us at

or see our ad in Craigslist. Please also see our ad regarding missing dog.

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