November 6, 2008

Our Friend and Correspondent at the University forwards us the following MISSIVE FROM THE NEW FRONTIER…

Things You May Not Have Considered In Making Your Decision To Vote For Obama:

* Obama has never publicly stated that he is not a flesh vehicle for a team of tiny aliens.

* Obama refuses to talk about any instances in which he accidentally defecated in his pants. Are we to believe a human can go their entire lives without an urgent fecal mistake? America deserves the truth.

* Obama does not know how to drive a monster truck.

* Ask yourself this: has Obama ever shaken your hand, looked you directly in the eye, and told you he’s not a Muslim? Why not? Is he scared you’ll know he’s lying? If he’s done this once, why hasn’t he done it twice?

* Obama hasn’t taken the time to write any patriotic songs. Obama has written zero patriotic songs. Zero. No ditties either.

* Obama’s teeth, being made of enamel, or capable of crushing the windpipe of a smiling child. Yet, he chooses to keep them.

* Obama wouldn’t laugh at the jokes you like. They’d make him uncomfortable.

* Obama has never bought Ronald Reagan a drink.

We ask you. Ask yourself. Ask Obama- full Brazilian? or no?

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