February 4, 2009

“Lest Ye Think that Fundamentalist “Free Trade” Extremism is “New:”” John Cobden

Lest ye think that It is “modern,” or “rational,” or “innovative,” or divisible from religious fundamentalism-

Richard Cobden and John Bright were early leaders in the Free Trade Movement.

“Cobden in 1846 explained that the buy-cheap, sell-expensive principle was not about selfishness, but was a matter of “carrying out to the fullest extent the Christian doctrine of ‘Do ye to all men as ye would they should do unto you.’””

John Ralston Saul: The Collapse Of Globalism. Overlook Press. Woodstock, New York: 2005.  pp 40-41.

Cobden, in the House of Commons in 1845: “I believe we are at an era which in importance, socially, has not its equal for the last 1800 years.” “[We] have a principle established now which is eternal in its truth and universal in its application, and must be applied in all nations and throughout all times, and applied not simply to commerce, but to every item of the tariffs of the world.” Cobden, 1845.

Cobden, in 1843: [A law which prevents free trade is a] law which interferes with the wisdom of Divine Providence, and substitutes the law of wicked men for the law of nature.”

John Bright, speaking in the House of Commons: [I speak on behalf of those people] into whose hearts free trade principles have sunk, and become, verily, a religious question.”

“Our object is to make you conform to the truth.” Cobden, in the House, 1843.

Citations from Saul, John Ralston: The Collapse Of Globalism. Overlook Press. Woodstock, New York: 2005.

Is Milton Friedman interred in Salt Lake City? Can we exhume him and check his butt for rolls of cash?

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