February 4, 2009

“They Constantly See Coupling in Temples:” Herodotus

“It was the Egyptians who first made it an offence against propriety to have intercourse with women in temples, or to enter temples after intercourse without having previously washed. Hardly any nation except the Egyptians and the Greeks has any such scruple, but nearly all consider men and women to be, in this respect, no different from animals, which, whether they are beasts or birds, they constantly see coupling in temples and sacred places –and if the god concerned had any objection to this, he would not allow it to occur. Such is the theory, but, in spite of it, I must continue to disapprove the practice.”

Herodotus. The Histories. Translated by Aubrey de Selincourt, Revised and with Introductory Material by John Marincola. Penguin books: New York. 1954.pp. 109

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