June 7, 2009

“EQUAL GROUND:” Definition For A New World Order

“Moderation” may seek to manifest and validate “solid” ground simply by finding a sort of “middle” ground among competing claims and calling it some sort of “common” ground. It is defined and given meaning in the world only by the coordinates of the “grounds” around it, however unfounded and spurious the claims thereto may be. It is “ungrounded,” and unfounded in the way that colonies and settlements may be unfounded.

But is it worse? Does it cosign, endorse, legitimize, in very fact give credence to, radical extremism? By putting all claims on some sort of

“equal ground?” 

Please see our recent Essay entitled WHEN THERE IS NOTHING MODERATE ABOUT THE HORRORS YOU OPPOSE, HOW CAN YOU BE A “MODERATE?” and dated 09 May, 2009 

“The real power of junk thought lies in its status as a centrist phenomenon, fueled by the American credo of tolerance that places all opinions on an equal footing and makes little effort to separate fact from opinion.”

Susan Jacoby, The Age Of American Unreason: Pp 211

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