March 13, 2011

GUERRILLA COMICS: A Light Went Off In My Head

We of a certain age and generational experience know the expression “A light went on in my head.” We even remember a little cartoon bubble drawn over a head, with a little light bulb in it and jagged rays around it, depicting in cartoon a light, literally, going on, in a head. We may actually have “changed” actual “bulbs,” as some of us have “changed” actual “tires.” A light going off may have been depicted differently.

Now, lights bulbs may be going off in our heads all the time. All sorts of things may have been going off in our heads. We suspect that this is what is happening when things get a bit dimmer, our speech gets a little fuzzier, and the thought we were just shaping evaporates, and we just know we’re not getting it back. We also think we have some idea what we experience when flash-bulbs go off in our heads. Maybe the woman meant a flash-bulb. That’s scary, though. I’m not sure I would be talking about that on NPR. Flash-bulbs did used to “go off,” you know. Not like digitally, or whatever. Like when gunshots ”go off. ” In our heads. You know?

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