March 13, 2012

“Will Transnational Policing Swallow The Legacies Of National Security States?” Stephen Graham: Cities Under Siege: The New Military Urbanism.

“Are the three-dimensional archipelagos of apartheid-style splintering, connection, fortification, and militarization, so palpable in Gaza and the West Bank, a grim exemplar of the future? Will the blurring of internal and external archipelagos of exception fatally ‘unbundle’ the role of nation-states as the key economic and fiscal building blocks of global capitalism? Will affluent cities and sectors of cities gradually secede and de-link from the residualized territories and people surrounding them – in a generalized version of the exploitative, tightly controlled relationship of, say, Singapore and its hinterlands in Malaysia and Indonesia? Will transnational structures of policing, surveillance and law enforcement continue to strengthen, to the extent that they eclipse or swallow the legacies of national security states? How will the splintering, fragmentation and polarization enforced by the new military urbanism be reflected in, and sustained by, the politics, civil societies and landscapes of the word’s burgeoning cities? Whither the ideas of national citizenship in such a context?”

Stephen Graham: Cities Under Siege: The New Military Urbanism. (New York: Nation Books 2009)

pp. 143

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