June 4, 2013


“Political Action Is Disconnected From The Bloody Entanglement Of Interests And Passions…..” Bhaskar Sunkara


“Liberalism’s original sin lies in its lack of a dynamic theory of power. Much of its discourse is still fixated on an eighteenth-century Enlightenment fantasy of the “Republic of Letters,” which paints politics as a salon discussion between polite people with competing ideas. The best program, when well argued by the wise and well-intentioned, is assumed to prevail in the end. Political action is disconnected, in this worldview, from the bloody entanglement of interests and passions that mark our lived experience.”


Bhaskar Sunkara–¬†Has Liberalism Failed? Letter To The Nation From A Young Radical.¬†The Nation¬†Magazine, June 10 – 17, 2013

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