June 2, 2014

“Gylany Would Provide The Ideology Required To Replace A Dominator With A Partnership Society.” Riane Eisler

irreproachable-quote-500px “Once we transcend the older ideological labels of liberal versus conservative, religious versus secular, or left versus right, modern history becomes in many critical respects radically clarified. The progressive modern ideologies can be seen as part of one mounting and continuing revolution against androcracy.   The rebellions first of burghers, workers, and peasants (Marx’s bourgeoisie and proletariat), and later of black slaves, colonials, and women are also part of this still evolving movement to replace androcracy with gylany. For all these mass rebellions were and are fundamentally against a system in which ranking is the primary principle of social organization.

But until now the ideological challenge to androcracy has been fragmented. Rightist or neoandrocratic ideology provides an internally consistent and all-encompassing vision of both personal and public life. But of the progressive ideologies, only feminism avoids internal inconsistency by applying principles such as equality and freedom to all humanity-not just its male half. Only feminism offers the vision of a reordering of the most fundamental social institution: the family. And only feminism makes the explicit systems connection between the male violence of rape and wife beating and the male violence of war.

In terms of our modern ideological system, feminism may be seen as a powerful attractor. While still on the system’s periphery, during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries feminism has acted as a periodic attractor, guiding intellectual movement toward a worldview in which women and femininity are no longer devalued. But in our time of growing systems disequilibrium, feminism could become the nucleus nor a new, fully integrated gylanic ideology. Incorporating the humanistic elements of both our religious and our secular ideologies,  this modern gylanic worldview would at long last provide the internally consistent, overarching ideology  required to replace a dominator with a partnership society.”

Riane Eisler: The Chalice And The Blade.  Harper Collins, 1987, New York.

pp. 169

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