May 9, 2015


“No Act Is As Powerful As Forgetting. That Is A Great Deal To Leave Behind.” Gerald N. Callahan

“No other human act is as powerful as forgetting. Death pales by comparison to forgetting. Forgetting has buried unknowable thousands of us. Forgetting has emptied whole vistas. It has crushed civilizations. It has erased entire species of living things. It has even destroyed the gods themselves. Remembering is a fragile instant. Forgetting is eternity.”

Pp 220-221

“So in spite of the length of our trip and the things we had to leave behind, there are a lot of things we carried to the end. The tintype of the young woman with the black hair, the woman no one any longer recognizes; the horses; the old writing table with Ted’s initials carved into it, and all the rest. The stuff we couldn’t have thrown away even if we had wanted to. Whether we wish to or not, that stuff-the very elements that carried our thoughts and wishes, the stuff that spoke our words, the things that lifted us up and laid us down-we will leave for others when we die. All of it-for anyone who might care to notice. That is a great deal to leave behind.”

Gerald N. Callahan, Ph.D, Faith, Madness and Spontaneous Human Combustion: What Immunology Can Teach Us About Self-Perception, New York: Berkeley Books, 2002

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