February 1, 2016



Gourdie At The Bar 500px

This here is a Miniature Version of a Saturday Night.

I saw this guy at the bar last night. He just wouldn’t stop drinking.

His name is Gourdie. He was creepin’ on the girl- all touchie and whiny and shit. I think he actually threw up on her shirt a little bit, like on her tit. She quit thinking this was funny. She left with another guy.

He was really ridin’ the mood swing, man. Bartender’s a friend of mine, I don’t think even he could see where this was going. Gourdie was literally wailing. Have you heard a guy do that? This was Country Music shit. I thought he was going to burst.

He passed out after a while. He’d of broke his head if he wasn’t in that weird barstool thing. I left. Ima say, I don’t want him in MY cab.

Gogurt Will Fuck a Brother Up.

It’s a gateway- it goes no-place good. Chocolate milk, fruit snacks… Crumpled juice boxes and those little Kids Grape Tylenol dispenser syringes blown against the stark chain-link enclosures of the post-industrial carceral preschool dystopia…

Wasted lives, man.

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