April 12, 2016


Dear fellow Liberal Elitists in the Press: Don’t talk crazy. Talking crazy is bad for your mental health.

This Is A Carnival, Not A Cause

 A carnival loves a microphone. If you have one and are poking it at people, you are an essential part of the carnival. Don’t be a freak.

Tent revivals, talking in tongues, crowd droning at rallies and parroting the hallucinatory inanities from talk radio will make you insane.

When speaking to the crazy ones, please don’t ask them to explain themselves, except for your own amusement. Be sure that you have the stomach for it –and a path to a door. Whatever you do, don’t argue. Don’t talk crazy, unless it’s necessary for protective cover while you effect an escape.

It is OK to use the term –Tea Party. It is still a sensible and useful term of reference for the Trump (Cruz) thing. The thing is, after all, the direct consequence and inevitable outcome of the Right’s ginning up of the Tea Party, and all the racist, nativist hatred in general. Referring to them as Tea Baggers, and racists, is OK too.

By the way, the Republican establishment is one hundred percent responsible for having created this menacing rabble. Blind hubris may have prevented them –some of them- from seeing the monster that they were creating. They can see it now. But don’t expect them to reason with you about it, either. It was supposed to be a secret.

It is also still OK to trust our reasoning and analysis for coming to terms with the Tea Party Circus itself. We understand this thing. Our social analysis is useful, valuable and interesting. Relax. They are not intellectually present or mentally conscious to contradict us, anyway. They are non compos mentis.

Engaging in sincere dialogue is a fine thing, in principle. The method of “active listening” is of proven value with sincere people. When conversing with the sane, presenting a reflective or interpretive effort to understand them and their position is a valid, honorable and constructive method.

A responsible person can reflect back, articulate, affirm, contradict and explain a cogent effort to understand them. When you are trucking with the sane, this is sane.

When you are hearing crazy, stop talking. Compose yourself. Preserve your sanity. It could be you that you’re hearing.

When you are sincerely trying to describe a reasoned and coherent explanation of someone else’s insane beliefs, be careful. You are at grave risk, and your mother worries about you. Please, whatever you do, don’t attempt to persuade them.

Your utterances will be crazy and bizarre. They will certainly not be rationally self-interested, and could turn out to be violently self-destructive. Exchange utterances with them only cautiously, especially in the setting of their carnival of crazy. You could quickly look and sound too familiar, and not only to the sane. The lunatics could identify you as one of their own, by your utterances.

Mind you, we need our insistent protestors and radical insurrectionist and direct action heroes. We do need and love our freaks, at least some of them. But be careful, when you are among the insane. Make sure of what you intend.

In some complicated way, we need a press. Please don’t delude yourself about your role in that if you are acting and talking insane in a carnival. You are complicit in the theatre of a rabble. You are essential to it. Maybe you’re not a liberal elitist.

If you are going to poke microphones into fevered crowds of crazy people and ask them to explain themselves, or to respond in a reasoned way to your efforts to understand them, please don’t expect a coherent or defensible position, or a better understanding of them.

Your mutually crazy utterances will just be very confusing to both of you. You will be complicit in perpetuating the unfortunate and misbegotten illusion that there is any logic or reasoned self-interest in the right-wing crazy tank. All of us should know better than to expect (or want) comprehensible speech from them. That is a great disservice to us.

We should all know what to expect of the monstrous carnival thing the so-called media is, too. Some of you are very, very confused, and not really liberal elitists at all. Please don’t confuse us. We can already recognize crazy. We well understand how the Right Wing got us here.

I believe all of the rooms around Cleveland are booked for the Convention. We have space available in a rented box truck, fortified and provisioned, and with narrow slits in the sides. If you are interested, please contact us immediately. If you have made a room reservation and you would like to let it go, please our ad on Craigslist.



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