May 8, 2016


“These Uneasy Spirits… Were In Primitive Periods Promptly Put To Death… Progress Was Slow In Those Days.” Charlotte Perkins Gilman

“In the course of social evolution there are developed individuals so constituted as to not fit existing conditions, but to be organically adapted to more advanced conditions. These advanced individuals respond in shared and painful consciousness to existing conditions, and cry out against them according to their lights. The history of religion, of political and social reform, is full of familiar instances of this. The heretic, the reformer, the agitator, these feel what their compeers do not, see what they do not, and, naturally, say what they do not. The mass of the people are invariably displeased by the outcry of these uneasy spirits. In simple primitive periods they were promptly put to death. Progress was slow and difficult in those days.

Charlotte Perkins Gilman, Women And Economics: Small, Maynard & Co., Boston 1898)

pp 41

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