November 4, 2016

Trumbo is Significantly Mentally Ill.

Why is this something that has not appeared- anywhere I have seen: trump is clearly mentally ill. This is the clearest and most coherent model for understanding trump and his comportment throughout. Increasing alarm and puzzled language about provoking and getting into his head and the entire discourse about his inability to control his mind and his speech – not to mention (I won’t say it) his endangerment of the entire planet- is ubiquitous. Efforts to avert -not just explain in reasonable terms- have become more sweaty and irrational. Why? Why is no one able to just stop him in a debate and say’ I beg your pardon. I am unwilling to continue to interact with you.’ This gets back to the numbness about comportment that would have literally appalled and lead to complete ostracization fifty years ago. I swear! I hope my mother would have slapped me, more than once. I can speculate why Ms. Clinton might tacticall decide she cannot do this. But It doesn’t even register, even among a million hours of media ‘analysts’ attempting to understand this man. We need some real Psychiatric Analysts on Duane Rhiem to reveal the only cogent way to understand this man: mental illness. I haven’t heard DSM4 mentioned- ever. This gets to the ravening, violent followers he has unleashed. I better understand right wing resentment to so-called PC: since the revolutionary war they have had to muffle their voices because when they speak the rest of us look at them warily and with some appropriate skepticism about their ability to reason, and to even grasp or accept participation in basic civility with the civilized. That must sting. That is not because of elitist negative judgment: it is an appropriate response to the hateful, destructive blathering and shrill utterances of the psychologically disturbed. It is not causal of the resentment. Resentment is a core condition of illness, as is the blame and reflexive projection onto others of the disturbed impulses of the mentally ill. Raging , blindly impulsive projection has become the only reaction the True Believers have to the speech of Ms. Clinton and the rest of us. This is what trump has come to display. It reveals his core disturbance.. It is awful that she must continue. It is unspeakably awful that the culmination of her trajectory to the rise of a woman to real enfranchisement has exposed her to this man. It is also terrible -so, so terrible- that he has had to face her. He has become delusionally obsessed with her. The last word in the last debate was his: “her…..” Now they have been liberated- all of them. the media and the rest of those hapless people have thrust microphones at them and earnestly sought an understanding of what they say. I can understand that some of them have thought that debates Must proceed with the theatrical fiction of rational discourse. I wonder whether my mother would approve. And the cynical right has been inflaming and manipulating their hatred since the Powell memo and before. Trump and his thugs have sown a triumphal aggrandizement all of their disturbed beliefs. No wonder their glassy eyes look so agitated and animated as the press embraces them and as they mob, and as it disseminates and privileges their terrifying eruptions . The code: they want their “voices heard.” They are excluded from civil discourse and rational participation., as propriety and civilization requires it. Yes, they used to have to muffle their voices when they were among us. Nevermore. Nevermore. We are headed to a terrible place. This will corrupt and explode civilization in a way we have never seen in our lifetimes. The media have released this. It will never again be possible for tolerant and accepting people to condemn or question or restrain this behavior and this frightening movement. PC is dead. These people are mentally ill in the same way as trump. Why- why- do we not take recourse the the model of psychiatric analysis to call this out, explain it, and at least understand it with the urgent alarm and self-protective seriousness that it requires? Some of the criminally insane are very dangerous. This is an unprecedented collective worldwide danger. Are they all- the mediocracy- so stupid? So enthralled to neoliberalism, and to the arrogant dismissive certainty of the political elite? That in itself is an obvious, undeniable mental illness. Is the blindness and absence of a recognition of this insanity among the media and political class a collective, delusional denial? insanity is Perhaps an un-PC term. Is it civility that keeps these people -and apparently, all of us- from even looking through the lenses of psychology and psychiatry and criminal pathology? Must we be so civil? When does the civil obligation to defend our civilization require us to say no? To say “I beg your pardon,” and reject and isolate the rogue insane? Trump has never ever allowed anything in his life to get to “no.” This is tragic and developmentally alarming. “No” can provoke some to infinite escalation. Those who are poor and ignorant and oppressed -and mentally ill- are tired of it. We are blessed to Live in such times.

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