December 14, 2015


“The Injuries We Escape We Visit Upon Others:” Livy

“So difficult is it to steer a moderate course in safeguarding freedom. (more…)

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“We Can Endure Neither Our Vices Nor The Remedies Needed To Cure Them:” Livy

“My wish is that each reader will pay closest attention to the following: how men lived (more…)

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October 1, 2015


“The Autonomy Of The Law Is Not Inconsistent With Tyranny:” Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin, David Graeber

“Tyranny- defined as the exercise of state power in the private interest.”
Graeber, David: Toward An Anthropological Theory of Value. New York: Palsgrave 2001


“…the autonomy of the law, which is necessary to its legitimacy, is not inconsistent with serving the needs of political and economic power.”

Dezalay and Garth, Dealing In Virtue, pp98. Cited in Leo Panitch and Sam Gindin: The Making Of Global Capitalism: The Political Economy Of American Empire, London, Verso 2012.

Both books are excellent.

Heinrich Kley Drawing 500px

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August 23, 2015

Dr. WebMD:

Four days ago I took a bath because my back was sore from some labor and bending over. I am a 58-year-old male with some arthritis (more…)

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June 16, 2015


“Tastefully Appointed Human Godhood: It’s All About Us!” Richard Heinberg

“Is the anthropocene the culmination of human folly or the commencement of human godhood? Will the emerging epoch (more…)

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May 13, 2015


“Economic Growth Is Incapable Of Satisfying Hope For A More Just Social Order:” Thomas Pikkety

“A society that grows at one percent per year, as the most advanced societies have done (more…)

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May 9, 2015


We are not Public Figures.
We are Not Here to Persuade.
We have foresworn this. If our conversation does not entertain and amuse us, we are not going to do it. It will be no fun. So it had better be funny. It is funny. You may not think some of it funny, but it is.
We are Not Here to Be Persuaded.
Non Est Disputandum. Generally, when someone would like to persuade us and we are determined to be funny, they don’t like it much anyway. If you would like to persuade, get your own website. If you are funny, let’s dance.

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