May 8, 2016


“These Uneasy Spirits… Were In Primitive Periods Promptly Put To Death… Progress Was Slow In Those Days.” Charlotte Perkins Gilman

“In the course of social evolution there are developed individuals so constituted as to not fit existing conditions (more…)

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June 16, 2015


“Tastefully Appointed Human Godhood: It’s All About Us!” Richard Heinberg

“Is the anthropocene the culmination of human folly or the commencement of human godhood? Will the emerging epoch (more…)

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September 9, 2009


“We Think With Myths As Inevitably As We See With Eyes And Eat With Mouths:” John Michael Greer

“We think with myths as inevitably as we see with eyes and eat with mouths. Thus, any attempt to bring about significant social change must start from the mythic level, with an emotionally powerful and symbolically meaningful narrative, or it will go nowhere.”

John Michael Greer, The Long Descent (British Columbia: New Society Publishers 2008)

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July 4, 2009


Jesus Picture 500px

PUZZLED? Don’t Be; Take Back Our Language.

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May 9, 2009


“Social Transformations That Threaten Without Enlightening:” William Brustein

“”It can be said of such strata [the lower middle class] that they are less actors than acted upon by social transformations which threaten without enlightening them; (more…)

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November 5, 2008

A Species of Evil: Sam Harris.

“It is time we realized that to presume knowledge where one has only pious hope is a species of evil.”

Harris, Sam: The End Of Faith. 2004: W.W. Norton, New York. pp. 225

September 22, 2008

DISTURBING ATTACK ON FEMINISM: The Insidiousness of the Palin Circus

Friday, 05 September 2008. Heard on “Talk Of the Nation” on NPR.

A woman is interviewed about her perceptions of Governor Sarah Palin and her voting intentions. She describes how a media pundit has raised questions about Governor Palin’s suitability as prospective Vice President because of (more…)

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