February 21, 2015


“Americans Are Pleased To Believe They Live In A Democracy….” Marshall Sahlins

“Even apart from a history of slavery, the same contradictions remain true for contemporary Americans (more…)

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October 23, 2014


“If In Wage Labor One Gives One’s Life, One’s Life Should Be Guaranteed.” David Graeber

”Mauss was not trying to describe how the logic of the marketplace, with its strict distinctions between persons and things, interest and altruism, freedom and obligation, had become the common sense of modern societies. Above all, he was trying to explain the degree to which it had failed to do so: to explain why so many people- and particularly so many of the less powerful and privileged members of society- founds its logic morally repugnant.”

pp 162

“Mauss was trying to understand … why it was that social insurance legislation, “inspired by the principle that the worker gives his life and labor partly to the community, and partly to his bosses” (1925[1965:65]), and therefor deserved more than a weekly wage, seemed right.
His answer…was that a relation of wage labor was a miserable and impoverished form of contract.
In wage labor the worker does give of the totality of himself, he “gives his life and his labor,” but the cash he receives in return has nothing of the same total quality about it. If one gives one’s life, one’s life should be guaranteed.”


Graeber, David: Toward An Anthropological Theory of Value.
Palgrave, New York: 2001

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June 2, 2014

“Ideology Must Possess The Power Of Dissolving Images Of Terror…” Angela Davis

irreproachable-quote-500px “Bourgeois ideology-and particularly its racist ingredients- must really possess the power of dissolving real images of terror into obscurity and insignificance, and of fading horrible cries of suffering human beings into barely audible murmurings and then silence.”

Angela Davis: Women, Race and Class. Random House, 1981, New York.

pp. 121

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March 13, 2012

“Any Awareness Your Ideology Isn’t Working Gets Shoved Aside…” John Michael Greer

“[I]f the ideology you’ve embraced tells you that you have to believe completely in it for it to work, any awareness that it’s not working gets shoved aside as an obstacle to success.”

John Michael Greer: The Long Descent (Gabriola Island, British Columbia: New Society, 2008).

Pp 63

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February 23, 2011

The Obama Administration Is At The Charity Of The Powers That Be:” Jonathan Schell

“The Obama administration exhibited its overall signature flaw in caricature: It is embedded with (let’s say this straight: in bed with) the powers that be. Well meaning, it begins by taking those powers –the commanding heights of society- as given, immovable. Then it starts to bargain. (On healthcare, it begins with Big Pharma, o finance with Wall Street, on war with the top generals –above all David Petrraeus.) Then when the administration is duly handed its half- or quarter-loaf – the stripped-down healthcare plan, the eviscerated financial regulations, the soft date for withdrawal from Afghanistan bought with the surge in troop levels- it’s at the charity of these powers.”

Jonathan Schell. The Revolutionary Moment. In The Nation, 21 February 2011

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June 1, 2010

“The Insidious Nature Of Panics…” JoAnn Wypijewski

“The insidious nature of panics is that they exceptionalize the ordinary, and then make ordinary the legal machinery supposedly instituted for extraordinary circumstances.”

JoAnn Wypijewski: What We’ve Become. The Nation, June 7, 2010 (Vol. 290, No. 22)

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January 5, 2010

“Crude Parodies Which No-One Has A Right To Erase:” Camille Paglia

“There are very few instances where speech properly falls under government scrutiny (more…)

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