Who We Are

Tired Of the Lies? “When language begins to prevent communication, that civilization has entered into serious decline.”

John Ralston Saul: Voltaire’s Bastards: The Dictatorship of Reason in the West. New York, MacMillan; 1992. Pp. 476

We are tired of the lies.

We are Language Workers. We are discursive analysts, social critics, philosophers and ramblers. We are mercenaries. We are civic actors and performers, and political activists. We are buccaneers on the contested open seas of power and identity.

We are collaborators, artists, thinkers, writers, graphicists, videographers and musicians.

We confront dishonest, obstructive and disempowering use of language, in all its idioms and methods: word, sound, image.

We are committed to holding the gaze of those who steal our meaning and our understanding. We are determined to not be silenced by those who would suffocate our words.
We are not Public Figures.
We are Not Here to Persuade
We have foresworn this. If our conversation does not entertain and amuse us, we are not going to do it. It will be no fun. So it had better be funny. It is funny. You may not think some of it funny, but it is.
We are Not Here to Be Persuaded.
Non Est Disputandum. Generally, when someone would like to persuade us and we are determined to be funny, they don’t like it much anyway. If you would like to persuade, get your own website. If you are funny, let’s dance.

We are located in cyberspace at the following coordinates:

You are welcome to visit us at our vacation address on the Dark Side, too. You will find us playing yard games among merchandise that will titillate and amuse your darker side. Visit our Store at cafepress.com/languagestore

Thank you for your attention to these matters.

-The Editors